The Crux of the Story.

LauraIs anyone else not surprised Paul’s being an asshole again today?

Aaron and I were rehearsing the scene where the strongest, most passionate character suddenly has a change of heart…with zero evidence of why in the script… You’re watching the show, and then all the sudden you’re like, “wait a minutes, what, I thought that…?”  Our moral compass loses its magnetism!! Which would be fine—maybe— if that were the crux of the story… But it’s not!  It just doesn’t make sense!  Ugh!!! GARY!!!!  He may be my brother, but this script sucks.  It’s awful.

Gary’s writing lately has character schizophrenia.  A character will start out interestingly enough one way, then lose all steam and become entirely another character (or two!) before the show is over!  You can’t watch it without being completely confused, and you sure as hell have a hard time acting it! It’s like he started writing, forgot where he was going with it, and said, “Eh, this worked before, I’ll just throw that in there.”  Success comes with its hazards, we all know that, but here we are, a group of dedicated artists excited about this interesting, very Gary script, when it suddenly gets a hoke injection!

Poor Aaron has to search his heart and soul for some way to make this scene make sense.  So, yes, PAUL, things were progressing at a little slower pace than Aaron and I usually work at, but cut us some damn slack!!!  It takes a lot off effort to make shit smell like roses! We’re trying here!

What pisses me off even more is that Paul should know this!  I hate to admit it, but he’s a great actor.  AND I’ve snuck some peeks at stuff he’s written (and kept quiet about) that he left sitting out at Gary’s coffee table.  Again, hate to admit it, but it’s pretty damn good.  You’d think anyone with Paul’s talent and vision could see our struggle…instead he just freaked out and screamed at us, “Just say the goddamn lines, Aaron!  The words are right there on the page!  And so help me God, Laura, if you make one more inappropriate face…”  Aw c’mon, like he’s never raised an eyebrow at an odious line before.  And his eyes are so piercing, when he fixes his gaze on you it’s like he’s yelling at your soul.

I know, he’s an artist, and even when his artistic vision is off, his artistic temperament still reigns.  But what is Gary doing to him? Forcing him to abandon he believes in? I know Gary pretty well.  I love him.  But he ain’t worth all that.

This rehearsal process is just killing me.  I’m so drained: physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.  So many people’s dreams were riding on this show.  And now…this.

I need a cup of coffee.


There’s Something About Mary

LauraOkay, so I “auditioned” today (a mere formality) for Gary’s new show, and I ended up dancing with waif of a thing named Mary.  I heard a lot about how she was nervous, why she nervous, who she was nervous with…and a LOT about her daughter… A saint would’ve lost patience with this one!

She was named after a month her daughter…June? May? April! That’s it!  April this, April that, April, April, April, when I…with April, when April calls…, I stopped when April…, I have to do this for April… On. And. On.  I went home and ripped that month out of my calendar, I’m going straight from March to May.  I’m kidding, but if I had a mom-gene to begin with, this one scared—no, bored—it out of me.

But here’s the kicker, she was actually kinda good, this Mary.  She’s got some fire inside her after all.  I had to give her a push (no, really, a literal push into the audition room) but once we started, I think we actually fed off of each other.  It was energizing dancing with her.  She lost her martyred mother bashfulness and…I think this chick’s gonna land it!  And strangely enough…I’m really excited about it!! There’s just no telling what a person can do when a tiny push exposes the untapped wells of natural resources inside.

Listen to me! Sappy McGee!  Pretty soon I’ll be “Auntie Laura” wishing I had one of my own… Mmmmm, no thanks!