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Got the Part!

So, I got the part. We start rehearsals in two weeks. Great. “Aaron, why so glum?” Glad you asked. I have an issue. And that issue’s name is Jerome. Yup. He got cast too. There must be some kinda second chance program involved here. Get this: he’s understudying me. What the heck?! Am I in some kinda poltergeist or something?! I mean really. Do they think that he can actually handle the work load? The only thing that he can handle are those stupid protein sandwiches he’s always shoveling down his gullet. I’m sorry. I sound bitter. I’m not. I just work so hard for what I have and it bugs me that people can just walk off the street and into this business with a certain look and be half as talented (in his case maybe less) and take the express lane to success. I ran into him on the street and he said that “he had some super sonic ideas” and “it’s gonna be better than Street Bitches Death Match.” What does that even mean? Actually, I DO know what that means: HE’S AN IDIOT. And all I can hear in my head is my dad’s voice — “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Well, Dad, you haven’t met Jerome.

Gary called today. I wonder what he wants. I worked on a show of his a few years back. One of the top five most incredible experiences of my life. I heard that he’s written another show, and I’ve always been booked so I haven’t been able to audition. Man, what I’d give to work with him again.

I think I’ve solved the Debbie Debacle. I’m just gonna write her a note. How’s this: “Dear Debbie, You’re hot. Yours, Aaron.”



Tongue Tied

So many thoughts going through my head right now. I took an acting class and the teacher told me that I took myself too seriously. Really? I think he’s mistaking my focus for seriousness. I mean I like to joke just as much as the next guy, but how would anyone get anything done without a little focus?

In other news I saw Debbie again. I think I might be in love. Might be. We’ve already talked about the apartment on the upper west side with the kids in private school, the cars (matching his and her mini coopers unless she wants and Benz or a sensible Honda Civic, hybrid of course), the 401k, and vacations in the Hamptons and Fiji. And by “already talked about” I mean we’ve said hi. Ugh! I just can’t find the words to say. The last time we talked I got so tongue-tied that i said, “Di Hebbie” instead of “hi Debbie” and she thought i said, “Die, Heavy.” I’m such an idiot. Even still I think I’m doing okay. I’m up for the lead in a new work that’s playing in New York for 6 months. I find out soon! Fingers crossed.

I need cake.

G’Night world. I’ll devour you tomorrow.