There’s Something About Mary

LauraOkay, so I “auditioned” today (a mere formality) for Gary’s new show, and I ended up dancing with waif of a thing named Mary.  I heard a lot about how she was nervous, why she nervous, who she was nervous with…and a LOT about her daughter… A saint would’ve lost patience with this one!

She was named after a month her daughter…June? May? April! That’s it!  April this, April that, April, April, April, when I…with April, when April calls…, I stopped when April…, I have to do this for April… On. And. On.  I went home and ripped that month out of my calendar, I’m going straight from March to May.  I’m kidding, but if I had a mom-gene to begin with, this one scared—no, bored—it out of me.

But here’s the kicker, she was actually kinda good, this Mary.  She’s got some fire inside her after all.  I had to give her a push (no, really, a literal push into the audition room) but once we started, I think we actually fed off of each other.  It was energizing dancing with her.  She lost her martyred mother bashfulness and…I think this chick’s gonna land it!  And strangely enough…I’m really excited about it!! There’s just no telling what a person can do when a tiny push exposes the untapped wells of natural resources inside.

Listen to me! Sappy McGee!  Pretty soon I’ll be “Auntie Laura” wishing I had one of my own… Mmmmm, no thanks!


1 thought on “There’s Something About Mary

  1. hilarious! don’t rip out april! it’s a good month. plus, the ninja turtles had a friend named april and you kinda look like her.

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